Indie Christmas Angels makes the order and wins £300 credit

Bigjigs hits 100,000th trade order milestone

Bigjigs Toys have reached and surpassed the 100,000th trade orders mark.

Christmas Angels of York made the milestone order and as a result, the wooden manufacturer has awarded the retailer £300 worth of credit to spend across the Bigjigs Toys range.

"As you can imagine – we’re delighted to have won the 100,000th customer order prize," said Chris Kirby of Christmas Angels.

"I was already aware of the competition, but our order was placed because we were running out of stock after a busy half-term holiday, and in preparation for the pre-Christmas rush.

"It is so easy and it feels so safe simply to reorder products which have been ordered before. After all there is a proven sales history, and you can be reasonably confident those items will continue to sell. But this policy doesn’t work for ever. So, I’m going to use this unexpected £300 from the competition to experiment a little and try out a few new lines. After all, they won’t be costing me anything"

George Poole, Marketing and PR Coordinator for Bigjigs Toys added: “We are delighted to reach this fantastic milestone – we would like to thank all of those, especially our retailers who have supported us over the years.

"We hope that the £300 credit will help Christmas Angels through the festive period and into 2014.”

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