House is made out of 100,000 LEGO bricks

Couple create LEGO gingerbread house

A couple in Huntingdon have already got into the festive spirit by building a giant gingerbread house entirely out of LEGO.

Using more than 100,000 bricks, Mike Addis and Catherine Weightman have used LEGO to create the latest in what is now an annual tradition of making a huge statue or object every year in the run up to Christmas.

In the past, the couple have created a nutcracker, a church, a postbox, and Dalek and after two months spend on the gingerbread house, it is almost finished.

“The construction is all made from individual bricks – we don’t use any kits,” Weightman told Huntspost.

“We work to an image and then just scale it up. Once you start with something like this it’s just one of those things – you don’t want to stop. We really enjoy it.”

Lego UK PR manager Emma Owen added: “We have full admiration for Mike and Catherine’s commitment to their Christmas builds, they are a shining example of what Lego is all about.

"Building with 100,000 bricks is no mean feat, we have used 120,000 bricks to build our snow globe in Covent Garden, perhaps Mike and Catherine can help us next year."

Take a look at the creation below:

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