Thom Barlow became the new King of the Cube with an average time of 10.64 seconds

UK Rubik’s Cube Champion crowned

Thom Barlow was crowned ‘King of the Cube’ at Leicester University last weekend following the UK Rubik’s Cube Championships.

Barlow became the winner of the 3×3 and new UK Champion with an average time of 10.64 seconds.

“I’m pleased with my win,” said Barlow.

“It was a nerve wracking final, but a fun competition and I am looking forward to defending my title next year!”

Also in the 3×3, Robert Yau came second, and managed to solve the Rubik’s Cube with an average time of 11.03 seconds, while in 3rd place sat Sameer Mahmood with an average time of 11.32 seconds.

But it wasn’t all doom and gloom for Mahmood and Yau as Mahmood is now ranked number two in the world for the 2×2, while Yau won the UK title for solving the 3×3 Rubik’s Cube One Handed in just 16.24 seconds.

Elsewhere, Matthew Sheerin won the 3×3 Blindfolded competition with a time of 57.99 seconds.

Chrisi Trussell, VP of Rubik’s Brand Ltd, said: “The event was a tremendous success; it is great to see so many Cubers come from all around the world to compete for this prestigious title.

"Thom deserved the win, it is an incredible achievement, and it shows how intense and competitive Cubing can be.”

This year’s UK Championships was sponsored by John Adams and attracted over 100 competitors from 14 different countries.

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