An estimated 11.3 million people have been affected by Typhoon Haiyan

The Toy Trust donates £15,000 to Philippines disaster relief efforts

The Toy Trust committee has donated £15,000 to support the disaster relief efforts of Christian Aid and Samaritans Purse following the recent tragedy across the Philippines.

An estimated 11.3 million people, of which 4 million are believed to be children, have been affected by Typhoon Haiyan that struck the territory earlier this month.

Toy Trust chairman, Foye Pascoe, said: "A human tragedy on this scale demands quick support to aid those bringing relief to the millions of survivors of Typhoon Haiyan.

"The Toy Trust will always try to help when children are affected so tragically and we hope this money will help provide immediate essentials such as water, food and medicine."

The Toy Trust has made similar donations to global humanitarian aid appeals in the past, including Syria, Japan and Haiti, as well as continuing its work with charities at home.

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