New Toy Village will see firms including The Original Didicar, Hama, Interplay and Banangrams among others exhibiting at the event

Ideal Home Show at Christmas makes room for toy demand

The Ideal Home Show at Christmas is boasting its ‘biggest event to date’, with 650 exhibitors, including those in the newly devised Toy Village.

For the first time in the event’s history, 85,000 visitors will be able to explore a new dedicated toy space in Earls Court when the show runs from Wednesday, November 13th to Sunday, November 17th.

The expansion follows an increase in demand from consumers and families visiting the show looking to complete their Christmas shopping.

The Ideal Home Show at Christmas’ event sales manager, Ashley Djemal, explained to ToyNews: “Families are a growing visitor demographic at the show, and at this time of year toys are an incredibly important aspect.

“Adding more toys and games to our event has always been a goal for us. The Toy Village is the perfect solution allowing visitors to try out some of the top games and toys on the market.”

In addition, the Good Toy Guide will host a dedicated Play Zone. The team will encourage kids to play with a range of toys from the Guide, while parents will be able to talk to the toy experts about toys, play and child development.

One company looking to take full advantage of the new Toy Village is The Didicar Company. Showcasing their flagship product the unique self propelled ride-on toy, the Original Didicar, which provides healthy exercise in any setting and, whilst primarily being just plain fun to ride also, promotes physical development, as well as balance, co-ordination, spacial and speed awareness The Didicar Company is pleased to be involved with the event.

The Didicar Company will also be launching their new Didicar Walk ‘n Ride for pre-walkers and toddlers at the show.

Ian Amis from The Didicar Company told Toy News, “Having received the highest rating of five thumbs up from the Good Toy Guide we were thrilled to be invited to feature in their Good Toy Guide Play Zone.

"The Good Toy Guide is all about originality, quality and authenticity which are the factors at the core of the Didicar product values. There is no room for imitations, the Original Didicar provides healthy fun in the style of traditional toys in a new and unique way and it can also be ridden by adults, the only ride on toy for children that can take that punishment.

"The Ideal Home Show at Christmas with the Good Toy Guide is the perfect place for us to show the special qualities of the Didicar products. ”

Good Toy Guide’s Dr. Amanda Gummer, told ToyNews: “We are really excited about the Play Zone. We have lots of fun things planned for the area to get everyone into the Christmas spirit.”

Djemal added: “Working with the Good Toy Guide, we have created a section that not only benefits our visitors, but allows the Good Toy Guide to really show off what they can do.”

Other toy companies appearing at the event will include Bananagrams, Gibsons Games, Kurio, Hama Beads and Interplay among others.

As it will be a first at the Ideal Home Show at Christmas, consumer and visitor response to the attraction will determine whether it becomes a permanent fixture.

“The demand for new and exciting toys is always high,” Djemal concluded. “Having the latest toys, games and gadgets at our events is always a great pull for families. Depending on the success of the feature and the response from our audience, we would be delighted to welcome the Toy Village across other events in our portfolio."

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