Vets fitted Schildi with a wheel after he was found with a missing leg

Disabled tortoise walks again thanks to LEGO wheel

Schildi the tortoise was found with a missing leg but is now able to walk once again after vets in Germany fitted him with a LEGO wheel, reports The Local.

Dr Panagiotis Azmanis at the Birdconsulting International veterinary practice of Marcellus Bürkle in Achern in Baden searched the toy box of the practice manager’s daughter for wheels and spacer blocks to use in the operation.

"First we fitted a double wheel but it was difficult for him to turn corners so we replaced it with a single wheel and that is much better for him," Dr Panagiotis Azmanis told The Local.

"Tortoises need to run free in gardens, so he needed a prosthetic."

He used special veterinary surgical glue to stick a base block to the underside of Schildi while the corners of the base block were glued with normal superglue.

Schildi has now been taken back to the animal shelter to show off his new wheel.

Take a look at Schildi in action in the video below:

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