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Band partners with Rock Science for trivia game

Motörhead board game on the way in December

Motörhead has partnered with Rock Science for new board game about the band.

The Rock Science Motörhead Game includes 1,600 questions on the band’s history – from Lemmy’s first steps into rock ‘n’ roll to the Motorhead of today.

Deemed ‘the loudest trivia game in the world’, the game features three levels of difficulty catering to both novices and hardcore Motorhead fans and will cover ‘the riffin’, the loudness, the drinks, the girls, the songs, the lyrics, the fights, the f**k-ups and the wins’.

“I’ve had a fun life for sure, playing this will help me remember it," said Lemmy.

Guitarist Phil Campbell added: “About f***ing time".

The Rock Science Motörhead Game will be available from December and can be pre-ordered here.

Take a look at the game below:

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