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Mums avoid tech play because it confuses them; 16 per cent of dads don't know how to play with their kids.

One third of mums avoid playing tech games with their kids, says Playmobil

Almost one third of mums claim they avoid playing technological games with their children because they don’t understand them, while 16 per cent of dads concede they don’t know how to play with their children, according to research from Playmobil.

The same survey has revealed that 40 per cent of parents would prefer their children to play with traditional toys similar to theirs when they were children.

Furthermore, 97 per cent of the 1,600 parents surveyed by Opinion Matters in October believe that their children learn vital skills including social and life skills from playing with traditional toys.

Speech and language therapist and founder of TalkingTipsforKids.com, Fiona Barry seconds the majority voting, believing that traditional toys help kids ‘develop key life skills such as creative play, language and social skills.’

She said: "The best time to learn is when a child is having fun – it doesn’t feel like work. Parents need to ensure they balance their child’s playtime with a mixture of traditional toys and gadgets. This will help them to develop key life skills including creative play, language, memory and social skills, problem solving and storytelling, which will help them later in life."

Jamie Dickinson, Playmobil UK marketing manager, added: "Parents shouldn’t worry about how to play with their children. Just put a toy in front of them and watch their imaginations run wild.

"Children are naturally creative, in fact they will probably teach their parents a thing or two. Parents should simply spend some time with their children while they are playing and join in, See where your imagination takes you, from recreating classic fairy tales, to constructing a master piece or avenging the dinosaurs attack on the pirate ship."

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