Inventor takes his teddy that holds greetings cards to the fundraising platform to bring Skoot to retail

Skoot ‘The Cuddly Card Carrying Bear’ hits IndieGoGo

A bear that carries greetings cards and gifts has landed on fundraising site IndieGoGo.

Skoot ‘The Cuddly Card Carrying Bear’ is a plush toy that can be used to ‘send a personalised gift for any occasion’ and caters for everything from rings to smartphones.

Cuddly Card CEO Marlon D’Oyley wants to raise $20,000 from the campaign to fund a full production run of Skoot.

"When the idea of Skoot came to me, it was really inspired by the lack of having something unique to give to my son for his birthday. Everything out their seemed so generic. I wanted to give him something that was sentimental with out spending an arm or a leg for it," said D’Oyley.

"Plus, usually something that is custom most of the time you have to send away for it or wait a really long time to get it. That is when I got the inspiration for Skoot, and my goal is to provided people with a affordable and quick way to really express their affection to someone special in their lives."

D’Oyley wants Skoot to land at retail in time for Valentine’s Day 2014, and if more than the target amount is raised, Cuddly Card aims to introduce two more plush characters to the range.

Take a look at the campaign here, and check out a video demonstrating Skoot below:

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