will distribute range of culturally diverse dolls to 59 countries; New range encompasses the diversity of today's marketplace.

The One World Doll Project finds global distributor for Prettie Girls

The One World Doll Project has appointed DollGenie as the first global distributor of its celebrated line of multi-cultural dolls, Prettie Girls.

Representing the evolving, diverse demographics of the American marketplace, Prettie Girls is a range of fashion dolls that encompass the attitudes, attributes and aspirations of girls of different ancestries including African-American, Latino, Middle Eastern and Caucasian heritage.

Founder of One World Holdings, the team behind the Doll Project subsidiary, Trent T. Daniel, said: "The Prettie Girls Dolls launch has been a trending topic, resulting in many inquiries from online retailers, seeking a hot item for Christmas.

"We knew that was the perfect place to start. For many years, The Doll Genie and doll has been an established, high visibility outlet for Barbie as well as other Mattel lines, earning a reputation for reliability, quality and service.

"We are thrilled that doll is the premiere official distributor of The Prettie Girls Dolls product line."

Susan Maczik, founder of The Doll Genie and doll, added: "These dolls are incredible. The styling, attitude and attributes make them world-class collectibles.

"We are proud to offer The Prettie Girls Dolls to our customers in 59 countries."

The One World Doll Project was established in 2010 by Trent T. Daniel and Stacey McBride-Irby, encompassing the cultural diversity of today’s global marketplace.

Alongside the company’s Prettie Girls play line, The One World Doll Project has premiered the Cynthia Bailey Prettie Girls Collector Doll, depicting the businesswoman, model and reality star, featured on Bravo Network’s Real Housewives of Atlanta.

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