Firm's initiative to 'bring Play-Doh to life' sees brand take up residency in store's toy department

Giant Play-Doh takes over Selfridges’ Christmas window display

Hasbro has partnered with the London-based department store Selfridges for a ‘larger than life’ Christmas window display featuring the arts and craft brand Play-Doh.

As part of the firm’s initiative to ‘bring the Play-Doh brand to life throughout the year’, the partnership also sees the arts and craft range take up permanent residency in the store’s new toy department, including an interactive Play-Doh Pick and Mix Station and Activity Table.

Louise Haywood, national account executive, Hasbro, said: "The Christmas window is part of the plan to bring the brand to life though out the year.

"The window demonstrates just what can be made with Play-Doh. Our aim is to showcase this to everyone and inspire them to let their imagination run wild with Play-Doh this Christmas.

"We are extremely proud that we were able to use Play-Doh to make an impactful Christmas scene for Selfridge’s world-famous window displays. The scene is a great example of the amazing type of creations you can make with Play-Doh. It looks fantastic."

The display was constructed by Selfridges’ own creative team, tasked with producing a concept that that showcases gifts on a large scale.

Haywood added: "I would like to thank Selfridges for partnering with us to make this possible. I hope everyone who sees the window is as inspired as I am to go and make Play-Doh Ski Slope and Snowmen."

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