Designer of the Bunny takes to the site to bring his creation to life

Toy Story of Terror’s LEGO Bunny hits Cuusoo

CubeDude creator Angus MacLane has taken to LEGO Cuusoo in a bid to get the LEGO Bunny, as seen in Pixar’s recent Pixar TV special Toy Story of Terror!, to retail.

MacLane actually designed the LEGO Bunny for Pixar, and now wants his creation to make the jump from the small screen to store shelves.

"Some of you may have seen Disney/Pixar’s Toy Story OF Terror! (thanks for watching.) Some have asked me, "So is LEGO going to make an official LEGO Bunny set?" The answer is… No. (a bummer, I agree.)" said MacLane.

"But thanks to the good folks at Cuusoo we might have a shot at changing the course of history. (Well LEGO history, anyways).

"Now is the the time to stand up and be counted, to demand that a LEGO Bunny set be made. For real. Like in actual stores."

The final set will include instructions for the Bunny’s stairs, ladder, and cube modes.

The project has to make it to 10,000 supporters to reach the Review stage on LEGO CuuSoo.

Check out the LEGO Bunny project here.

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