Survey results suggest that 93 per cent of shoppers use information from email newsletters to complete the buying process

Inbound marketing could help retailers increase sales by 300 per cent, says Reignition9

Inbound marketing could help toy retailers increase their sales by 300 per cent, according to results from inbound marketing specialist Reignition9.

Surveying a group of consumers, the firm suggests that 70 per cent of the buying process is completed before they even contact a retailer’s sales department.

80 per cent of those asked, ranked websites as the primary source of information about new products and suppliers, while 93 per cent stated they use information gathered from email newsletters.

Reignition9 believes that the results show ‘a clear opportunity for toy companies take the competitive advantage’ by recognising the buyer behaviour and ‘revising their sales strategy’.

Sal Georgiou, senior marketing consultant at Reignition9, said: "Inbound marketing is a simple concept.

"It is the idea of promoting your products to your ideal customers, but with the fundamental difference of using a variety of methods that earn the customers’ attention without interrupting the flow of what they are doing.

"It’s not considered an annoyance any more as they are welcoming it in their day to day activity – that’s why it’s so effective.

"When a toy company implements it correctly, inbound marketing has proven it can reduce the costs to acquire a lead by as much as 60 per cent and increase marketing ROI by an average of 200 to 300 per cent."

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