Brighton toy shop is the first store to receive the accolade from the consumer action group.

Brighton’s Whirligig to get Let Toys Be Toys ‘Toymark’

The Whirligig toy shop in Brighton is to be the first store to receive the ‘Toymark’ from consumer action group Let Toys Be Toys later this month.

Sid Sloane from Cbeebies will present owner Peter Allinson with the accolade on Monday October 28th. The shop will be offering ten per cent off any toy purchases to all attendees, and the campaigners are inviting all visitors to join them afterwards for coffee at Temptation Cafe, across the road from the toy shop.

The Toymark is a new venture for the Let Toys Be Toys campaign, which has hit the news several times over the past year when retailers including Boots, The Entertainer and Toys R Us agreed to drop ‘girls’ and ‘boys’ signs in-store after contact with the group.

"We’re delighted to get the Toymark," said Allinson. "Let Toys Be Toys is a great campaign and we’re really pleased to be part of it. When a shopper asks us for gift buying advice we don’t ask the child’s gender – we always start with their age and interests. We think children are children."

Local resident and Let Toys Be Toys campaigner Rebecca Brueton added: "We’ve had some great successes in persuading big retailers to drop sexist signs, but we also want to celebrate those shops that already get it right, and that’s what the Toymark is all about.

"Whirligig is a wonderful example of best practice in toy selling. It’s an amazing treasure trove of beautiful toys, which adults and children are free to browse without having to negotiate limiting and outdated stereotypes.

"We’re really pleased to be able to award them our very first Toymark, and plan to add many more great shops to our directory of recommended retailers."

Shoppers can nominate toy retailers for a Toymark via Twitter at @lettoysbetoys or be emailing

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