Described as 'a game where the tension of poker meets the strategy of chess in an aggressive no holds barred cage fight battle for supremacy'.

The 4th Horse card game hits IndieGoGo

The 4th Horse, a card game descibed as ‘where the tension of poker meets the strategy of chess in a cage fight’, has taken to crowd funding site IndieGoGo in the hope of landing on shelves.

Creator Jim O’Connor wants to raise $28,000 by December 7th to help launch The 4th Horse in early 2014.

The strategy card game follows four royal families going to war with each other, with players creating schemes to capture a royal house and knock out opponents.

With the earnings from Indiegogo, O’Connor intends to make the game global by allowing players to hold online tournaments around the world.

“My long term goal in creating The 4th Horse is to help members benefit by building their own businesses using The 4th Horse Business Builder memberships," said O’Connor.

"Eventually, members will be able to operate live tournaments under The 4th Horse license and keep a portion of the profits. It will be a fun and lucrative way to earn money without the association of gambling."

The project, which has raised $215 at the time of writing, can be found here.

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