Ubooly born from creators believing 'the toy industry stopped caring'

Ubooly soars past Kickstarter goal

Ubooly, a toy idea born from its creators believing ‘the toy industry stopped caring’, has passed its Kickstarter goal.

The Ubooly has been created by teachers and is ‘a child’s best friend, tutor and gym coach all rolled up into a furry marshmallow creature with ears’.

The toy, which functions when an iPad, iPhone or Android devices are inserted into it, has been designed to keep kids engaged for months with games, stories, jokes and experiments.

Ubooly features voice recognition and includes a range of activities designed to teach children, with new tasks constantly added wirelessly through mobile devices.

Different Uboolys will also talk to each other if put together and the idea for the toy came from its creators believing the toy industry was no longer focusing on creating long-lasting products.

"The toy industry today is all about marketing, not substance," states the Ubooly Kickstarter page.

"Big toy manufacturers are focused on the sale, but could care less about retention. Why? Because there isn’t much value in it for them – they want you to buy the next toy.

"Well, we’re here to change all that. Introducing a toy that cares about keeping kids engaged for months with quality content."

To date, $47,369 has been pledged, from an original target of $25,000.

Check out the Ubooly Kickstarter page here.

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