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Kyjen manufactures and distributes board games and puzzles for dogs to retailers worldwide

US: ‘Board games for dogs’ firm eyes global growth with new acquisition

Seeing the somewhat niche potential for board games for dogs, pet-friendly board game manufacturer, Kyjen is poised for international growth following a recent acquisition by The Riverside Company.

Kyjen, the company created by dog-lover Kyle Hansen currently sells its dog games through more than 100 distributors and 1,100 retailers.

Hansen’s Colorado-based company offers more than 20 different treat hiding games and puzzles for pooches, following the founder’s realisation that many games on the market "completely ignored the needs of the family dog."

"It seemed obvious that interactive games that could be enjoyed by dogs, kids and pet parents would be a huge hit," said Hansen.

"We design and test our toys by carefully studying dog behaviour. Every dog is different, so we strive to make games and puzzles that accommodate various modes of play."

The Riverside Company will now work with Kyjen to enhance operations, expand product offerings and attract new customers.

Riverside managing partner, Loren schlachet, said: "Kyjen provides a lot more than simple dog toys and accessories.

"Their products create fun and interactive experiences that enrich dogs’ lives. We see tremendous upside in this innovative company."

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