Nerf isn’t just for kids you know. Asif Zahoor, author of MyLastDart, explains what it is about the Hasbro property that makes it so addictive

Tales of a Nerf-a-holic

Rewind to December 2012, I met up with an old friend and a bunch of guys came on over to watch some football on the TV.

What started off as random shots across the room at each other, soon escalated into a massive indoor foam battle. Everyone was diving behind a sofa or a table, door, table mat to catch some cover.

After we had expended our ammo, we decided to have a proper battle and head to the local park. It was sadly about that time I had to depart, but since one team was a man down, I had an Elite Retaliator thrown in my hands – the rest is history.

I guess now that I’m older and have paid all my bills, groceries, etc, I have some money left over to indulge myself and be a kid again – a Kidult.

Nerf as a brand has gone through many fantastic advances and clever new ranges choices for not only boys but now girls (with Nerf Rebelle).

Every year Nerf out do themselves, keeping things fresh and unexpected year in year out. Just when you think you have seen it all – bam, something completely leftfield jumps on to the scene. As a blogger and a fan first and foremost, catching glimpses of images, leaks or teasers from Nerf are all part of loving Nerf.

The hottest releases this year are undoubtedly the Nerf Elite Rapidstrike CS-18 (first ever clear clip full- auto blaster firing three darts a second) and Mega Centurion (longest Nerf blaster that fires up to 100ft). The US and international fans will be super lucky to enjoy the unexpected new Zombie Strike range which hasbeen influenced by the popular uprising of zombies (sorry for the pun).

The Nerf adult scene has come into its own. Fans have created a Human vs. Zombie scene. Pitting human players against a growing infection of zombie players in what is essentially a super fun and suspense-filled game of tag. Armed with Nerf blasters and stun socks, it is played widely in local parks and universities across the world.

My love for Nerf is as strong as before – if not more now that I have combined my passion of writing. Make every shot count folks.

It’s Nerf or Nothing!

Asif Zahoor is the author of MyLastDart blog which can be found at

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