The Gyrobot, Vibrobot and Smart Car Robotic kit will launch next week as part of a signature series.

Thames and Kosmos prepares to launch three new robotic kits for young scientists

Thames and Kosmos is preparing to launch three new robotics kits in the coming week, with The Gyrobot, Vibrobot and Smart Car Robotics, as part of a signature series.

The Gyrobot and Vibrobot are both designed to show young scientists how the applications of vibrating and gyrating motors are used in everyday objects.

The new kits will allow children to build several different models included within the instruction booklet, alongside the chance to build their own moving designs.

Meanwhile, the Smart Car Robotics kit uses the latest technology via iOS devices to control the model through its free to download app, lowing kids to drive the car around a virtual city.

By spreading AR codes across the floor, the app interprets the code cards as buildings and houses to create a virtual city on screen.

Fans can then steer their car through the city using the draw and drive function in the app via Bluetooth connection.

Thames and Kosmos is celebrating its recent expansion that has also seen the firm move to new premises to accommodate its growth.

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