Graduate Kristien Harris has repositioned the brand and overhauled computer designs, allowing firm to work more efficiently

Marbel keen on global expansion with the help of Unlocking Potential graduate programme

Marbel is aiming to become a world leader in toy distribution with the help and support to its recently appointed graduate, Kristien Harris.

Employed by the family run business through the Unlocking Potential graduate jobs programme one year ago, Harris has helped the company increase its turnover, expand its team and begin to grow on a global scale.

Over the year, Harris has repositioned the brand and written a set of brand guidelines from scratch. Employed as marketing and design coordinator to support marketing manager Phil Nelson, Harris has also redesigned marketing material and stationery, created POS and overhauled computer designs, allowing Marbel staff to work more efficiently.

Unlocking Potential receives is a Combined Universities in Cornwall scheme managed by Cornwall College, with the aim of placing graduates with businesses in Cornwall.

Marketing manager Phil Nelson was himself originally employed under the original Unlocking Cornish Potential scheme.

Harris said: "When I arrived I had no idea about the industry so Phil had me looking at all the competition. I surveyed staff and customers and that gave me quite a good overall introduction to the industry."

Nelson added: "Kristien’s achievement is huge and frees the rest of the marketing team up to do more pro active things.

"Kristien can now do in half the time something it would take the whole team to do before. Because Marbel was and still is experiencing fast growth it is easy to focus on the day to day tasks.

"Kristien has enabled us to plan for the future and synergies our long term grown plans with our marketing output. Our sales and marketing functions are now a lot more targeted and that has increased our sales.

"Also, because of Kristien our design and photography is now done in house so that is far more cost effective."

Harris is now working on further expanding Marbel’s name across the world and is currently working on a new website, due to be launched this autumn, that the firm promises will be ‘game changing’.

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