LED Tangeez bricks will change colour depending on how they are stacked

LEGO-inspired interactive light set takes to Kickstarter

LEGO-inspired stackable toy company Tangeez has taken to Kickstarter in a bid to secure funding for its buildable interactive lighting set.

Tangeez is a collection of cylindrical LED lights that change colour depending upon the way they are built up.

Each Tangeez brick features red, green and blue lights, which can combine to create seven different colours.

Brooklyn based co-creators, Emily Webster and Mustafa Bagdalti, have been working on the product for two years, and the pair are now seeking $49,000 through the crowdfunding site to begin a begin a manufacturing process.

Supporters willing to pledge $45 or more will receive a set of three lights from June 2014. The project has already received 41 per cent funding with a pledged $20,353 and has 24 days left to hit its target.

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