Latest realistic model is of Adam West's camp take on (na na na na na na na na) Batman

US: Hot Toys reveals 1966 Batman and Robin figures

Hot Toys has revealed new figures of Batman and Robin, this time from the camp sixties TV series.

The 1/6 scale realistic figures are of the Dynamic Duo as portrayed by Adam West and Burt Ward, and feature a range of accessories seen in the 1966 movie including Shark Repellent Spray and a giant bomb.

Other extras include a range of different hand positions, cuffs and Batarangs.

The Batman of 1966 was a caped crusader of an altogether groovier kind, prone to dancing his way out of trouble and striking bad guys with a cartoonish ‘POW!" while Robin would start every line with ‘Holy!’.

Batman is selling for $204 while Robin suffers from being the side-kick with a lower price of $189.

Check out the figures below, and for those entirely new to Adam West’s Bruce Wayne, take a look at the video of him busting a move at the bottom of the page.

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