Arts and crafts firm sees sales soar by 51 per cent compared to the same period in 2012.

Crayola celebrates its ‘most successful Back to School period ever’

The UK’s leading arts and crafts brand Crayola is celebrating its most successful Back to School season ever, seeing sales soar by 51 per cent compared to the same period last year.

The latest results comes off the back of the launch of the brand’s first ever dedicated TV campaign that received trade wide support, leading to the firm’s ‘excellent sales performance’.

"It’s a fantastic result and a great start to the all important Autumn/Winter Season," said Richard Venner, Crayola’s senior brand manager.

"Back to School is a vital trading period for the brand and its success is the combination of a year’s worth of hard work by the whole team.

"The launch of our first ever dedicated back to school TV campaign really helped us to drive additional awareness for the brand this year and we already have an exciting consumer engagement program lined up for 2014, which we will be using to help us build on this result next year too."

Crayola is now shifting its emphasis onto the key Christmas trading period, as September marks the beginning of Crayola’s A/W TV strategy.

And as eight different TV campaigns air across all networks over the next eight weeks, including dedicated spots for Marker Airbrush and Creation Hot Heels, the firm is anticipating further growth.

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