PLYT challenges players to multiply numbers on dice in order to advance the board.

Parents launch new board game to improve numeracy skills

A new family board game designed to help players boost their numeracy skills has launched this month.

PLYT is the brainchild of parents Ian and Lisa McCartney and is a game in which players must multiply the number of dice together enabling them to move along the board.

Following this summer’s GCSE results, the game was dreamed up when the McCartneys struggled to find a mathematical game that the family could enjoy.

Lisa McCartney said: "We came up with the idea for PLYT when searching for a game that we could play with both of our children, aged five and seven.

"We found there wasn’t anything on the market that we could all get the same challenge from. The beauty of this game is that you can add more dice as players young or old grow in confidence."

Ian McCartney continued: "At first we didn’t fully appreciate the improvement in each child’s numeracy as a result of the game.

"We were thrilled when their school asked what it was we were doing differently at home. That was when we thought we might be on to something and produced the game on a bigger scale.

"The school has now bought a copy for each classroom from year one to year six, intending to use it in lessons on a regular basis.

"They also plan to sell PLYT in the school shop to encourage parent to participate in their child’s development, which is great news."

Featuring chance cards that can boost levels up and make the game more difficult, play is designed to last between 15 minutes to one hour. Each player must throw the master die plus any number of the other dice and multiply each of the numbers shown together. The winner is the first to reach the final square.

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