Majority find that they aid selection and act as a good source of inspiration; Pressure is no worse than what children experience from friends in the playground

Christmas Top Toy lists don’t heap pressure on us, say parent bloggers

Another month, and another retailer reveals its top ten toys for Christmas. But are they actually of use?

Well, the answer is yes, according to several members of the ToyNews Parent Network.

Despite the lists potentially doubling as a dauntingly expensive Christmas list, they form a useful source of inspiration for some parents.

“My eldest daughter doesn’t really have strong feelings about things she wants as she doesn’t have much exposure to adverts, but these lists are a good source of inspiration for me,” said Emma Button of

“Yes, they heap expectation onto parents but no more so than the pressure from friends who say they have or will have the toys.”

Elsewhere, Helen Wills of ActuallyMummy believes they help to let parents know what children are looking forward to.

She told ToyNews: “I find them quite handy, as the kids are old enough to be influenced by peer pressure so if it’s on the list the chances are it’s something one of their friends will have, so I might need to be prepared.”

And Susan Mann from believes the range of lists can only be a positive.

“I tend to read several lists,” said Mann. “I read online reviews and especially blog reviews from my fellow bloggers to help find out if a toy is worth it.”

However, not everyone is convinced. Maggy Woodley from ignores most lists because of what she feels they really stand for.

“I think the lists are created by marketing people,” she commented. “I don’t believe that they really are ‘the top’ toys, just the top ten most promoted toys.”

And the sheer number of lists this year has been an issue for some.

“There are so many lists, it is hard to know which ones to pay attention to,” said ToyTattle’s Laura Robinson.
“But I listen to the toy retailers lists, as their buyers will have researched the options available extensively.”

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