Themed Trivial Pursuit - with over 600 questions - plus branded Risk and Top Trumps games all planned

Winning Moves reveals its Doctor Who 50th anniversary collection

As Doctor Who enjoys turning 50, Winning Moves has an expansive line-up of products to help consumers celebrate the milestone.

Fans take the property very seriously (just look at online debates about how The Doctor got out of the Pandorica) and now they can put their knowledge to the test. Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Trivial Pursuit (£9.99) tests knowledge on assistants, enemies, planets and all the different Doctors. It boasts over 600 questions to test even the most dedicated of Whovians.

50th Anniversary Trivial Pursuit will land on shelves in September.

Doctor Who Risk (£34.99) is a unique take on the board game which sees consumers play as a Dalek army and fight against four others to take over Earth and find the ancient weapon. Fans can play as either classic or New Dalek Paradigm and will have to wipe out the opposition before looking for the ancient weapon.

The Doctor will also do his best to stop players who must use special power cards and complete special missions to defeat other invading forces.

Doctor Who Risk will be available from October.

Top Trumps Turbo: Doctor Who (£24.99) is made up of six new packs covering aliens, robots, monsters and stories. Players have to hit the electronic Turbo Spinner to select a mini-game and then hurry to fill a scorebar.
Top Trumps Turbo: Doctor Who launches in September.

Finally, completing the special line-up is the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Jigsaw (£12.99).

The 1,000-piece jigsaw features the Pandorica Opens image from season five.

“Winning Moves UK is proud to be celebrating the Time Lord’s anniversary with these exciting new games,” said Fiona Hortopp, head of marketing at the firm.

“Doctor Who has captured the imaginations of generations of people for the past 50 years and we’re confident these games will appeal to fans of all ages and enhance their celebrations of the Doctor’s half century on the BBC.”

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