However, online, social media, promotional events and cinema are increasingly complementing small screen spend.

TV remains king of Christmas marketing

As toy firm’s Christmas marketing campaigns get finalised, the dominance of TV advertising remains as strong as ever.

However, the September issue of ToyNews demonstrates elsewhere, other channels are beginning to grow in importance: Winning Moves has found success in ‘out of the box’ events, Meccano is putting faith in online for the Evolution range and the big screen has never been more accessible.

Meanwhile, more and more children are embracing tablets, online and social media.

But some of the UK’s biggest toy companies have told ToyNews that TV advertising will dominate Christmas marketing plans – at least for now.

Hornby’s senior marketing manager Paul Chandler said: “For the toy industry, TV advertising for children is the first port of call and where all of one’s budget should be focused on first and foremost.”

While acknowledging the importance of TV, John Adams concedes that other mediums are increasingly being considered.

“The company has increased its TV spend year on year, but we also allocate resources to PR and social media to complement TV advertising on our new products,” said the firm’s Lynette Norris.

“So many consumers are online now that companies can’t ignore that it is a very effective marketing tool alongside the more traditional TV route.”

And this quietly growing interest in other forms of toy advertising hasn’t gone unnoticed.

“We use TV to sell a product and other media to sell a brand,” said Andy Cooper, marketing director at Worlds Apart. “You’re not actually spending less on TV, you’re adding these elements on incrementally.”

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