Project needs another 5,000 supporters to make it to the Review stage

LEGO Jurassic Park hits CuuSoo

LEGO Back to the Future made it shelves, LEGO Ghostbusters is at the Review stage and now, LEGO Jurassic Park has become the latest big-screen project to hit LEGO CuuSoo in the hopes of becoming a reality.

The proposed project, created by senteosan, includes the Jurassic Park main gate, a Jurassic Park Explorer tour car, a Brickbuild T-Rex, a Base/stand and LEGO Minifigures of Dr Alan Grant, Dr Ellie Sattler and Dr Ian Malcolm. Here’s hoping the portaloo with detachable roof is in the pipeline.

LEGO Jurassic Park currently has 5,855 supporters and needs to reach 10,000 to make it to the Review stage where a ‘LEGO Review Board’ of designers, product managers, and other key team members will take a look at the idea.

It’s certainly good timing. Jurassic Park is currently back in cinemas thanks to an IMAX 3D re-release and Jurassic Park 4 scheduled to arrive in 2015.

The project is currently No.1 on the most supported projects of the last week, and to check it out or support it further, click here.

Take a look at what the sets could look like below:

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