Even though your company has a global outlook, home-grown British design still holds major appeal, says Le Toy Van’s Sophie Bonnett

Proud to say we’re made in the UK

As the toy industry is increasingly focused on a global market, a good strategy may be to attempt to produce products with as universal appeal as possible. It’s evident that toys can effortlessly cross cultural boundaries, and the nature of fun and play is much the same wherever you may go in the world.

However, it’s equally true that a toy can be as much a product of the culture it was created in and still have a global appeal, so it raises an interesting dilemma for manufacturers. Do you cater to the global market or stick to your original design concepts and hope that the world takes notice?

Here at Le Toy Van we have often considered both sides and with a French founder and owner, and with our toys being ethically manufactured in Indonesia, we have always had a global outlook to an extent.

Though despite this, in many ways we are very much an archetypal British company and are proud to state that all of our toys are designed in the UK.

Given that we produce traditional painted wooden toys, we can draw on a rich history in terms of architecture for doll’s houses and a storied past in terms of inspiration for our castle and pirate ranges.

Modern communications and travel, mean we are all part of the global village and absorb multi-cultural influences, consciously and subconsciously.

In the July issue, ToyNews asked the question ‘Traditional or tech toys?’

We believe that both play their part: children are naturally inquisitive and are confident and enthusiastic in their approach to tech toys. However, many tech toys are played solo and this is where traditional toys bring
a balance.

Traditional toys such as Le Toy Van doll’s houses, castles, play foods and pirate ships encourage imaginative play and social interaction.

Parents wishing to give their children broad and contemporary competence embrace both the ‘tech and the trad’ giving their children a richness of experience and play types. We are fortunate that home-grown British design has a global appeal.

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