New product is already a hit with Hollywood celebrities including Selma Blair.

Drool Monkey Organics launch eight in one baby teether in UK

Pre-school company, Drool Monkey Organics has brought its latest eight in one product, designed to aid with babies teething, to the UK.

The Drool Monkey has already achieved popularity in the US, with celebrity fans of the new baby teether including Hollywood star, Selma Blair.

The versatile product offers a soft and absorbent fabric that little ones can chomp on while parents can also tie ice in the fabric to create a soother for gums. Tying all four corners of the cloth, makes for a toy for young children.

Furthermore, the Drool Monkey is also marketed as a doll, featuring the cartoon monkey head, a rattle and a calming safety blanket for babies.

A statement from Drool Monkey Organics described the baby teether as the ‘essential product for parents, keeping baby calm and happy. As a burping cloth as well as a feeding cover and sunshade, it really is no wonder Selma Blair is one of the many celebrities who won’t leave the house without it.’

Avaliable from, the Drool Monkey retails at £20.

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