The Field Slurry Tanker and Ferry Slurry Tanker are both 1:32 die-cast replicas of the real life vehicles.

Britains boosts collection with NC Tankers

Tomy’s Britain’s range has teamed with NC Engineering to produce model replicas of two NC Slurry Tankers, unveiled for the first time at the NC Engineering HQ in Northern Ireland.

The NC Field Slurry Tanker and the NC Ferry Slurry tanker are both 1:32 die-cast replicas of the real things, boosting Tomy’s farm toy portfolio.

Both fully compatible with each other, the Field Tanker (£14.99) features large flotation tyres along with opening cap at the top of the tanker.

The Ferry Tanker (£14.99) comes complete with a moveable boom arm which can swing across.

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