Fans can create wishlists and select different membership plans to receive LEGO sets.

US: ‘Netflix-like’ website Pleygo allows fans to rent LEGO sets

A new LEGO rental service site has launched in the US, offering a Netflix like system for fans to acquire any of their desired LEGO sets.

Allowing fans to select a plan that suits their level of fanaticism, Pleygo offers an inventory of sets for members to create a wish list, be sent their sets and then return when they have finished playing with them.

As soon as returned sets are received, Pleygo will then send out the next LEGO set on the member’s wish list.

The site currently offers three different membership plans:

The Fan package costs $15 a month, offering fans small to medium sets (up to 250 pieces). The Super Fan package offers fans small, medium and large sets (up to 500 pieces) for $25 a month while Mega Fans will receive small to large and huge sets (up to 5,400 pieces) for $39 a month.

Offering free shipping, the rental firm also sanitises each LEGO piece with Eco and kid friendly solutions, before shipping out to the next user.

Sets can be exchanged as often as members like, with no limit to the number of sets played with in a month or how long they can be kept.

And for kids who don’t want to give up their set, the site offers an account page where LEGO sets can be purchased directly.

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