Animazombs feature 'retractable brains and guts'.

Plush zombie animals rise up on Kickstarter

A new Kickstarter campaign is hoping to bring zombies from the animal kingdom to life, with a range of humorous zombified plush animals, Animazombs.

To bring the creations to the land of the living, the new crowd funding campaign is asking contributors to help raise a target of £10,000 to aid with manufacturing costs.

The plush toys are currently available in a range of characters, including Animazombs of the Deep, Animazombs of the Home and Animazombs of the Savannah.

Targeting ‘adults and big kids’ each character displays its war wounds with spilling guts and retractable brains and comes with its own backstory – having been created in a lab by ‘Professor Unbound’.

Created by Asholay Distribution, the range’s future plans include accompanying clothing merchandise, themed products and a comic magazine.

With only 38 days left, the Kickstarter campaign aims to raise funding by September 20th this year, and will offer contributors a variety of rewards for their pledge, ranging from samples of the Animazombs toys to consultation roles for series two of the Animazombs range.

“We felt there was no better way than to bring Animazombs to life than with a Kickstarter campaign, getting as many people involved as we possibly can to get the project well and truly off the ground," said Animazombs founder, Ashley Yates.

"We’ve been planning the launch of the Animazombs range for well over a year, and with everything in place from design to business plan, we simply need the financial help to get them manufactured and hitting the shelves here in the UK.

“We strongly believe that there is a real niche in the market for plush toys aimed at adults that can take the mick out of themselves, and with zombies being so popular nowadays, we believed that humourous animal zombies was the next best step (naturally). The Animazombs are a lovable undead bunch, and we’re calling on all to help us bring them to life and really help the brand reach its full potential across a range of platforms.”

The Animazombs Kickstarter campaign can be viewed and pledged to here.

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