The KMX Pro marks a departure from the firm's traditional sector of wooden bikes.

Kiddimoto unveils new metal balance bike

Kiddimoto has launched its first metal balance bike – the KMX Pro.

The bike combines pneumatic tyres for a smooth ride, a comfy saddle, retro BMX styling and all metal headset and bearings, with a light aluminium frame. It is available in four colours – bright red, neon orange, neon pink and black – with the firm also offering matching helmets. The KMX Pro retails for £99.99.

"This is a departure from our traditional sector of wooden bikes, so we wanted to make sure the KMX Pro fits the bill perfectly," said Simon Booth, boss of Kiddimoto. "We have combined the best features, with a wide variety of paint schemes that will appeal to both girls and boys, and we are offering an industry leading five-year guarantee on all KMX Pros.

"The lightness of KMX Pro allows kids of all abilities to learn to ride a balance bike quickly. Balance bikes are ideal as they give kids the balance and confidence to progress really quickly to a big bike without the need for stabilisers."

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