The firm believes the technology could be used for additional Hasbro brands in the future

Hasbro sheds light on Angry Birds Star Wars II Telepods range

Hasbro has revealed more on the Telepods range of products set to accompany the launch of Angry Birds Star Wars II.

The Telepods technology allows players to teleport their Angry Birds Star Wars physical Telepods figures into the game, and the firm believes the technology could be used in additional Hasbro brands in the future.

“The Telepods gaming platform represents a remarkable new way for the mobile generation to play with Hasbro’s incredible portfolio of brands,” said John Frascotti, chief marketing officer at Hasbro, Inc. 

“For the inaugural launch of Telepods, Hasbro worked closely with both Rovio and Lucasfilm to deliver a fully integrated Telepods experience with the new Angry Birds Star Wars II app. Now kids and fans can enjoy unprecedented and seamless dual play in both physical and digital gaming experiences. We’re looking forward to delivering the TELEPODS gaming platform across popular Hasbro brands and licensed lines.”

Angry Birds Star Wars II will feature a Telepod mode for consumers to use this range in, and there will be more than 30 Telepods figures, each with different abilities, to be used in the game.

“Angry Birds Star Wars was a blockbuster hit for us and Lucasfilm with over 100 million downloads since its release,” added Jami Laes, executive vice president of games at Rovio Entertainment.

“The Telepods platform from Hasbro provides a great way to bring a whole new dimension to the gameplay for kids and families, magically bringing the digital and physical gameplay experiences together.”

The 2013 Angry Birds Telepods range includes the Star Destroyer (£39.99) which allows consumers to stack more than 20 pieces to form the star destroyer before launching up to three birds at a time to destroy the ship.

Consumers can teleport all 10 figures in the set into the Angry Birds Star Wars II game using the included Telepods base.

Elsewhere, the Telepods vehicle packs (£19,99) allow players to place a figure into a vehicle before launching them at the enemy. Both the Endor Chase and Death Star Trench Run packs come with two Telepod figures.

Other sets (£12.99) include the Battle on Geonosis, Duel with Count Dooku and Bounty Hunters, each with two Telepod figures included.

To build up collections, consumers can aslo buy figure packs (£5.99) which come with two figures to a pack or the Jedi Vs. Sith multi-pack which features three figures from either side of the force, two of which are exclusive to this set.

Both the Telepods product line and the Angry Birds Star Wars II app launch on September 19th.

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