Property now in the hands of Dolphin Entertainment after the project gathered dust at Paramount

Max Steel movie back on track

After a troubled start, a live-action film based on Mattel’s Max Steel property is back in development, states The Hollywood Reporter.

The film was previously being handled by Paramount, who had Twilight’s Taylor Lautner in the starring role, where the project remained on the shelf for so long that the rights expired.

With the property back with Mattel, the toy company has ensured it will have a more hands on role with the project by partnering with Dolphin Entertainment on the film.

The Max Steel movie will now be written by Christopher Yost who is also one of the screenwriters for Marvel’s upcoming Thor: The Dark World.

Stewart Hendler, the man behind the camera for 2009 horror movie Sorority Row and the Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn web series, is attached to direct. 

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