After the enthusiastic response to LEGO Back to the Future, the ToyNews team list the ten films and TV shows we want given the plastic treatment.

The Top Ten LEGO sets we want created

After the positive reaction to LEGO bringing out a Back to the Future set, it got the ToyNews team thinking about what we want given the green light by LEGO Cuusoo.

Some of the following stand a chance; some less so and, well, one is based on Saw, but thanks to creations by LEGO fans, we even have screengrabs demonstrating how these could become a reality one day. Maybe.

1. LEGO Friends (No, not that one)

We mean the iconic Nineties sitcom starring Joey, Chandler, Ross, Rachel, Monica and Phoebe. Out of all the sitcoms deserving of a LEGO set (with Seinfeld coming a close second), Friends is the one we want. Central Perk, the two apartments and think of the figures. Tanned Ross, Teeth-whitened Ross, Phoebe complete with guitar ready to belt out Smelly Cat. And think of the spin-off sets: the likes of Janice and Richard would appear in a Boyfriends/Girlfriends collection, the Ross’ wives set could just be a series of interchangable heads whilst a High School set is worth the price of development purely for a LEGO Fat Monica.

2. LEGO Breaking Bad – Winnebago Meth Lab

It’s one of the biggest shows on TV at the moment and someone has actually gone and created the Winnebago meth lab from the show (above). There are recreations of Gale’s coffee machine, Walt’s pure blue crystal meth and it looks incredibly similar to the one from the show. We’re not sure if LEGO is quite ready to embrace the creation of a brick meth lab yet, but still, if you’re reading this LEGO, this photo shows it can be done.
(Check out the complete lab here)

3. LEGO Saw

If the LEGO Shaun of the Dead Cuusoo failed at the last ‘all LEGO products, regardless of age target, must be content appropriate for our core audience’ hurdle, then this might be a problem. But still, the unforgettable horror film that spawned six forgettable ones would be great in LEGO. And really, how hard can it be. Dirty bathroom, four figures (one being Billy the puppet), and one detachable foot: job done. Do you want to play a game? We do.
(Still taken from a YouTube recreation that can be watched here)

4. LEGO Rear Window

Now this really would be great. Based on Hitchcock’s masterpiece that is Rear Window, where James Stewart, cooped up in his apartment due to broken leg, entertains himself by watching what his neighbours across the courtyard are getting up to. There’s also plenty to build with Miss Lonely-hearts, Miss Torso, the murderer, the pianist, and everyone else’s apartments, each with their own quirks. Hell, it might even give way to a whole series of Hitchcock-inspired sets. The Bates Motel from Psycho, the jungle gym from The Birds, North By Northwest’s crop field or Mount Rushmore or the church and bell tower (complete with scary nun) from Vertigo. A set for film buffs everywhere.

5. LEGO Twin Peaks

If it wasn’t weird enough, imagine it all in LEGO. As well as regulars like Agent Dale Cooper and Harry Trueman, the fringe characters would be the real stars of the sets like The Man From Another Place (that dancing dwarf who spoke backwards), Mike (the one-armed man), Denise/Dennis Bryson (David Duchovny in drag) and Killer Bob (*shudders*). Has it got a hope in hell of getting made? Ask that old lady in the corner, apparently her log knows.
(Still taken from ‘Twin Bricks’. Watch the video here)

6. LEGO Pulp Fiction – Jack Rabbit Slims set

It’s probably the only scene from the film that LEGO would consider creating (if you ignore the fact both Mia and Jules are more than slightly under the influence) and it’s a doozy. Jack Rabbit Slims, complete with it’s 50s decor, impersonator waitors and $5 shakes, would make a great LEGO set. And if not, we’ll take the ‘I just shot Marvin in the face’ set as a back-up. Other Tarantino-inspired LEGO creations which sprung to mind included Reservoir Dogs’ warehouse, Kill Bill’s House of the Blue Leaves and Inglorious Basterds’ Le Gamaar Cinema.

7. LEGO The Shining – The Overlook Hotel

There’s a LEGO Imperial Hotel set available to buy and they actually built a LEGO hotel for LEGOLAND parks around the world so we see no issues with this one. Yes, the Overlook Hotel is where Jack loses his mind and attempts to butcher his family with an axe but, as a LEGO set, it’s far less sinister. You get the endless corridors, the swanky Gold Room, the leaky elevator, the iconic hedge maze and, of course, Room 237 complete with a LEGO minifigure of that rapidly aging woman who Jack has a fruity encounter with. Best whack it with an ‘Ages 12+’ sticker just to be safe.
(Image taken from Mr. Xenomurphy’s very impressive creation, the entirety of which can be seen here)

8. LEGO Grand Theft Auto

This one could be sneaked onto shelves as a cheeky LEGO City expansion and nobody (well maybe a few) would bat an eyelid. After all, it would essentially be a LEGO City set with a sprinkle of guns, strip clubs and drug abuse. There’s already a range of different cities waiting to be recreated, but the neon-soaked 80s world of Vice City would be a personal frontfronner but if LEGO gets a move on, it could be out in time to coincide with the launch of GTA V. Perfect.

9. LEGO Die Hard

This year marks 25 years since John McClane first tackled 12 terrorists armed with only a gun, a dirty white vest and that catchphrase. The Nakatomi Plaza from the film had enough distinctive floors to spawn a range of sets like the christmas party, the elevator shaft and that floor covered in broken glass. There’s scope for plenty of minifigures too with John, Holly, Sgt Al, Hans Gruber, blonde Karl and that terrorist McClane tied to chair with ‘Now I have a machine gun – ho ho ho’ scibbled on his shirt.
(Image of LEGO John McClane found here)

10. LEGO The Only Way Is Essex

If only to put it in the microwave and watch them melt.

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