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Dolls are based on the show's most notorious characters Walter White and Jesse Pinkman

US: ThinkGeek reveals new Breaking Bad plush dolls

The words ‘adorable’ and ‘snuggly’ are not ones to be instantly associated with hit US show Breaking Bad.

But that hasn’t stopped US toys and collectables firm, Think Geek from releasing new plush dolls based on the show’s most recognisable duo.

Walter White and Jesse Pinkman are now available for fans to cuddle up to with as eight-inch official Breaking Bad licensed collectables.

The plush dolls feature detailed, coloured print and heavy stitching for durability and according to Think Geek’s product specifications, ‘will attempt escape and/or candy sales within your home’.

A release from Think Geek, stated: "After staking out the local candy corners and sweet shops, you managed to find them hiding in a flowerbed among the poppies and daisies.

"Now, they sit on your mantle, imprisoned with the rest of your collection of plush characters. They keep one another company but they don’t talk; the shame of being caught and put on display for friends and family to gawk at is far too embarrassing. Even for the harder deviants."

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