Donatello staff and Leonardo plastic sword seized by airport staff in security dispute.

Five year old’s Turtles toys confiscated by airport security

A mother has hit out at Leeds airport security when her five year old boy’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles toys were confiscated by airport security staff.

The Express reports that Emma Hardy was travelling with her son, Alfie Waine from Leeds Bradford International Airport to Dublin when the toys were seized from the child’s suitcase.

A Leonardo plastic sword and Donatello staff were removed from Waine’s luggage by the strict security staff.

The items were removed alongside a plastic light up laser gun, as the officials claimed they were ‘bound to confiscate any items which could be seen as a replica weapon.’

The five year old was reportedly left devastated by the incident.

Hardy, 31, a customer service manager from Leeds, said: "He was really upset as they’re his favourite toys.

"He was especially upset when we were told they were going in the bin. I’m all for security but you have to assess what the risk is. I can’t imagine how this is a risk to security."

Responding to the alleged security breach, security manager, Andrew Shaw told The Express: "We are directed through legislation that anything that looks like or replicates a firearm or weapon must be confiscated.

"All passengers are given the option to take these items back to their car or post home. We confiscate a vast quantity of items and liquids in our daily operation and ultimately these items are disposed of by Leeds Bradford Airport."

A spokesperson for GP Flair, Andrew Brown has since commented: "The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Combat Set and Stealth Sword are immensely popular with boys who love to act out Turtles inspired adventures.

"The turtles range does not include toy guns. The toys are incredibly toy like in the way they look and feel and cannot, in our opinion be mistaken as real weapons.

"Airport rules and policies however, are there for a reason and we would advise that any parent who has a Little Ninja that wants to take his combat toys on a plane should check with the airport before travelling."

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