Figures, accessories and play-sets roll out; new series kicks off on August 5th on Nicktoons.

New Max Steel toy line surges into stores

Mattel launched its highly anticipated Max Steel toy line at the weekend, including figures, play-sets and accessories inspired by the show.

The range is made up of the Max Steel six-inch Team Up Figures (basic and deluxe) featuring LED light effects, plus the Turbo Sword with Steel Combo, where the sword lights up when moved with Steel connected, while Steel can also be attached to a t-shirt.

Other launches include the Spinning Turbo Fighting Figures (basic and deluxe) where the energy blades catch light and create an energy effect when spinning. Children will also be able to create epic battles and launch fighters over the wall and into the Battle Arena.

Max Steel begins on Nicktoons on August 5th, airing at 8.30pm in August and September, and then at 8am from October to December.

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