Weeping Angel and Tardis de-stresser toys on the way

Wow! Stuff expands Doctor Who 2013 range

Wow! Stuff’s 2013 Doctor Who range is expanding.

To help in times of stress, or perhaps to ease the pain of Matt Smith’s impending departure, Wow! Stuff is releasing a Weeping Angel and Tardis stress toys which reform after a temper-fuelled squeeze.

Joining these new additions is the Adipose Science Putty. Consumers place some putty into the moulds on the blister card to create a perfect 2D Adipose before adding the eye and mouth parts.

Or fans can use all the putty together to form one 3D Adipose and again add the mouth and eyes before watching it melt to a pool of Adipose plasma just like their TV cousins.

All these products are available to order now from Wow! Stuff.

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