Only 50 of this limited edition range have been made

SweetDreamers reveals Royal Crown version of Ewan the Dream Sheep

SweetDreamers has created a limited edition version of the award-winning Ewan the Dream Sheep to celebrate the birth of the Royal baby.

Each product comes with a limited edition certificate and only 50 have been made. 

Ewan the Dream Sheep is designed promote healthy sleep patterns in children by recreating certain sounds from the womb and picked up a Right Start Award after only three weeks on the market.

“I am so excited about our regal Ewans. It’s not every day that a future King is born, so we just had to do something to celebrate," said Lynda Harding, the founder of SweetDreamers.

"We thought that offering our fans the chance to get their hands on a limited edition royal ewan would be a great way to mark the momentous birth and give some babies a special gift that they can treasure as a souvenir forever.

"I hope Kate discovers the powers of Ewan in the early days, it may take a little stress away for her. On the special day Prince George arrived I went down to my local hospital in Portsmouth and gave Ewans to the mummies celebrating the same birth date as it only felt right to spread this royal love around.”

This limited edition Ewan the Dream Sheep has an RRP of £29.99.

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