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Campaign will run until August 23rd with the aim of raising £20,000

Interactive Looksi Pups head to Kickstarter

The Looksi Pups, an interactive pet complete with toy kennel, is landing on Kickstarter for help getting to shelves.

A free iPhone app allows consumers to interact with the virtual puppy through voice commands whilst the Looksi Kennel houses the phone in a way that allows the screen to be seen inside of the accessory. 

There are 15 voice commands to master and voice recognition means the dog only responds to the owner’s voice.

“Looksi Pups is best described as a cross between Nintendogs and Tamagotchi. It is truly innovative and great fun too,” said creator Elliott Myers, MD of digital entertainment experts Escapetech Ltd.

“Kids are growing up faster these days and rejecting physical toys in favour of the physically flat digital experience offered by smart devices. Our innovative LooksiTM Kennel is important as it en- gages children through both physical and digital elements of play. Looksi PupsTM is new and exciting and literally brings a whole new dimension to playtime.

“A huge surge of app toys based on app games came to the market last year, but there was no interactivity there. Essentially, they had no play value, so they weren’t picked up by consumers. Looksi PupsTM is different.”

The Kickstarter campaign will run until August 23rd with the aim of raising £20,000.

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