UK firm hopes the campaign will help the Supertoy get on shelves

Teddy bear who can hold his own in conversation hits Kickstarter

UK firm Supertoy Robotics is taking a naturally talking teddy bear to Kickstarter.

Supertoy – The World’s First Naturally Talking Teddy Bear mimics awareness and has his own autonomous thoughts.

He copies real human speech patterns, and the bear’s robotic mouth moves in time to what he says. Users download a free app and zip the smartphone into a hidden compartment at the back of the bear to give the ability of speech.

The app is free from either the Google Play or Apple App store, and is built from Jeannie, a virtual assistant which has been downloaded three million times.

The internet access to his server ‘brain’ allow him to react realistically to things that children say, something his creators believe is a sort of ‘Siri for children’.

“When we were growing up, we loved robots that talked in movies and TV shows, and we felt good about seeing the magic they created. Now we have managed to create a great prototype that we feel will revolutionise how children interact with their toys and how adults think of artificial intelligence,” said co-founders Ashley Conlan and Karsten Flügge.

“Our Kickstarter campaign is aiming to secure us the backing and the funds to put Supertoy Teddy onto toy store shelves everywhere.”

The toy can learn and be equipped with extra functionality, meaning he can be altered to become a ‘wise guy badass pal’ and not just for young children.

If it takes off, it seems the fiction of Seth MacFarlene’s Ted isn’t too far from becoming a reality.

To check out the campaign or contribute to getting a potential thunder buddy on the shelves check out the Kickstarter page here.

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