Scheme encourages kids to trade and collect with each other

SoccerStarz reveals Young Collectors Programme

SoccerStarz has created the Young Collectors Programme designed to encourage kids to trade and collect with each other.

After signing up to the programme, the child will receive a unique ID number and 10 cards.

He or she can then give out those cards to 10 of their friends and when each one of those have signed up to the programme, they will receive 10 free SoccerStarz blind bags and another batch of 10 cards to give out to other friends.

“The idea is to encourage kids that may not yet be collecting, to start collecting and then to trade with their friends,” said Hugh Evans, development assistant for SoccerStarz.

“It is also a very easy way to get 10 free SoccerStarz figurines”.

The scheme is open in the U.K and Ireland only, and for ages 18 and under and allows a participant to claim an unlimited amount of SoccerStarz blind bags.

To be part of the Young Collectors Programme, go to the SoccerStarz website here.

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