Firm reveals first 11 toys in the Anniversary series

Hasbro teases Transformers ‘Thrilling 30’ line-up

Hasbro has revealed the first 11 toys in the Transformers ‘Thrilling 30’ series, a line-up of toys celebrating the brand’s 30th Anniversary.

The numbered range includes various characters from throughout the history of the brand and include a mixture of products available worldwide, with some exclusive to the US and Asia.

The “Thrilling 30” numbered items unveiled at Comic-Con are:

#1 Transformers Generations Titan Class Metroplex SDCC Edition (RRP $149.99)
#2 Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Shockwave’s Laboratory (RRP $49.99)
#3 Platinum Edition Ultra Magnus Action Figure (RRP $49.99)
#4 Transformers Platinum Edition Grimlock Vs. Bruticus (RRP $99.99)
#5 Transformers Metroplex Ani-Con & Game Convention Edition Action Figure (RRP: $149.99)
#6 Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Shockwave’s Lab set (RRP $49.99)
#7 First Look Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Optimus Prime (RRP 59.99)
#8 Transformers Masterpiece Acid Storm Action Figure (RRP $69.99)
#9 Transformers Masterpiece Soundwave Action Figure (RRP $69.99)
#10 Transformers Platinum Edition Predaking Action Figure(RRP $119.99)
#11 Transformers Construct-Bots Predacons Rising Predaking Set (RRP $24.99)

Hasbro also used Comic-Con to reveal the results of the ‘Fan Built Bot Poll’.

The poll had asked fans to vote on a series of character elements including faction, personality and vehicle mode.

The winning elements have resulted in Windblade, a female Autobot jet.

Windblade will now feature in future IDW comics and is available to feature in other ventures by the Transformers brand and will also be #30 in the ‘Thrilling 30’ line-up.

The remainder of the Thrilling 30 numbered items will be announced at international Toy Fairs beginning in January 2014.

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