600 parents took part in the ‘Child’s Play’ study

Traditional play with children made difficult due to computers and tablets, says Smartrike survey

A survey undertaken by tricycle manufacturer Smartrike found over half of the parents asked find it difficult to encourage their children to enjoy traditional play because so many have access to computers and tablets.

Smartrike wanted to learn more about attitudes towards outdoor play and over 600 parents took part in its ‘Child’s Play’ survey.

Despite the findings claiming it was becoming more difficult, 91 per cent of parents felt it was important to engage in outdoor play with their child and the majority of parents also said this was their child’s favourite type of play.

“People class iPads and computers as fun now instead of going to the park or out on the bike or roller skates,” said one parent.

Only 12% of parents chose ‘fun’ as the most important benefit of playtime, with developmental, educational and creative benefits instead taking priority.

“It’s a great shame that parents feel their children are not able to enjoy traditional play in the same way that they did. Getting outdoors is so important and I hope parents continue to view it as an essential part of their day,” said Smartrike head of marketing communications Osnat Feingold.

“It is so important not lose sight of what playtime is about, and for me the best thing about being a child was having fun. It’s what little ones deserve, and we for one will be working to ensure this is not forgotten.”

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