Accessories 4 Technology to launch Kidzplay PlayStation 3 range this autumn.

Kids game pad targets toy retail

The firm behind a fresh video game controller made for children is eyeing the toy aisle.

Game specialist Accessories 4 Technology (A4T) is due to launch the Kidzplay PlayStation 3 range this autumn, and says it’s perfectly suited to sit in toy stores alongside Skylanders and Disney Infinity stock.

“We will be actively looking to place the range next to these key franchises whenever we get the opportunity,” A4T’s Bill Stirling told ToyNews. “We will have a range of display units and POS to allow the Kidzplay range to be placed in store next to the most successful kids titles this coming peak season.

“Over the next few years we expect the PS3 to become the gaming system of choice for the kids bedrooms and playrooms throughout Europe. We believe the attachment rate of the Kidzplay products to the top kids titles will be high, and enable the brand to grow successfully.”

There are four Kidzplay products – available in both pink and in blue – ready for the phase one launch this autumn.

“The products are definitely eye-catching from a kids’ point of view and we are already planning to approach retailers who don’t currently stock video games in their business,” Stirling added.
“We believe it will sell in its own right outside of a conventional video game shopping environment.”

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