Project for Forge of Honor toys has raised $7,981 of the $18,000 goal

New toy maker takes to Kickstarter to help launch plush swords and shields set

A new toy maker in Colorado has taken to Kickstarter in a bid to get his first creation to market.

Dale Taylor has created Forge of Honor: Targimals and Border Blades & Shields set. The Targinlas are tiny warriors that come complete with plush swords and shield, which also act as pillows.

Each character comes with its own sword and shield, each carrying a different symbol of fire, water, air or earth.

As part of the campaign, Taylor has found lots of parents didn’t understand what Kickstarter is, so he has attempted to teach parents about how the process works throughout the project, creating a series of posters to help educate the public. 

So far, the campaign has raised $7,981 of the $18,000 goal and the project ends on Tuesday August 6th.

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