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UK media and competition winners took part in a range of 80s themed games

The Cabbage Patch Kids celebrates turning 30 at Hamleys

The Cabbage Patch Kids celebrated its 30th anniversary at a birthday party held at Hamleys in London.

Competition winners joined over 150 UK media, ranging from the national press to Mummy Bloggers, in taking part in a range of eighties themed games at the iconic toy store.

Since arriving in 1983, over 125m Cabbage Kids have been ‘born’ and a new line of products is being launched this year to coincide with the celebrations.

It will also be backed by a nostalgia-heavy ‘memory lane’ themed marketing campaign alongside a TV spend of over 500 TVRs.

This year’s line-up includes Wave 2 of the classic one-of-a-kind Cabbage Patch Kids, the new soft-animal themed Cuties, the miniature Babies series and the Wave 3 30th Anniversary range featuring Cabbage Patch Kids dressed in different celebration-themed outfits.

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